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bla / ich stell ma paar Only-Kwick-Blogs der letzten Tage rein..


                         und dann waren da all diese Fragezeichen..

{26.09 13:20, Titel: 1,2,3,4}

you want it 


but baby, I just won't play like that

{26.09 20:24 - untitled}

I get what I always thought was perfect
but now that I get it I realize it's not, it's not, it's not
and it's all too much

and I wanna go back to times when everything was less complicated
I just want a cup of tea & 5 minutes of peace
but that's not what I'm gonna get
I just get into this mess deeper and deeper
and I won't get out without hurting someone
everything could be just fine, just as it was some weeks ago
but back then I never appreciated it, I hated it
now I want it back
so.. could someone please stop the world
                            - I want to get off

{27.09 11:35, Titel: paranoia}

it's nothing but a fucking dream
that I should forget about as fast as possible
I should have forgotten about it ages ago already
but somehow it's still there
it grows
and I'm afraid it might stregthen agin
more & more
and it really shouldn't
'cause this dream won't come true
though I still hope it will [but I shouldn't]
I think this was meant to happen,
was never meant to stop
and I want it, I want it all

Speech Bubble Heart
so what are we gonna do about my mind??

{27.09 21:55, Titel: you're cute - may I kiss you??}


es macht mich schon ganz arghkrrghpffahiahihiaaagrrrg
ich sterbeee!!
ich fühl mich scheiß mies, weil ich so vor ihm wegrenn
wenn ein Typ, den ich lieb, das mit mir machen würde,
ich fänd das so üüübelst mies..
& jetz mach ich das selbst
dabei find ich ihn doch garnet so schlimm..
nur ich fühl mich irgendwie bedrängt
---sein Verhalten löst mein Quieeetsch-wegrenn-Flucht-ergreif-Reflex aus.. oO

irgendwelche Lösungsansätze??

{28.09 18:26, Titel: so I override the polarity of what I should do & what I want to..}

30.9.09 20:56

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