///////////just b.freak
eaten alive.

do you only play with me or is that arrogance??
today you give me a smile, tomorrow not even a glance
you can heal me with your smile but shred me with discrepance
I'll soon turn my back, so take the chance
or are you just clumsy concerning me?? - don't be
I'm not gonna tear you apart
but arrogance is a stab to a sincere heart

you know, I'm not a girl to play games with, Scipio.

[Bild nicht gefunden]
as if I had taken a pill that evokes feelings in me
like they prisoned you in my mind & I wait for release
you grill me like a fish on a stick above your bonfire
my confusion is the kinda creature that eats you alive

[23.11.2009, 19:02]



how different I felt, how secure
when I was so sure
that you were my cure

sometimes I got the impression that there was something between us
you know it doesn't bother me that I don't know whether you like me or not
it bothers me a lot more that I'm quite sure that I don't want you anymore
and that you're not what I need


and that is so weird

[26.11.2009, 20:08]

26.11.09 20:43

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